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West Knoxville: 865-357-2288
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Maryville: 865-980-8810
Tullahoma: 931-222-4800

The very word, resolution, sends chills down your spine, doesn’t it?! If we are completely honest, most of fail to keep our resolutions for longer than two weeks into the new year. So, let’s ditch the list!  No matter your age, 2024 can be the year of the very best version of YOU, if you make ENJOYING YOURSELF your one and only resolution.

YOU:  Will enjoy foods that are good for your joints, your heart, and your happiness! Commit to finding healthy recipes that you truly ENJOY and are good for YOU.

YOU:  Will enjoy time with friends and family! It’s sacred to you, after all, so go ahead and initiate! Put weekly activities on the calendar and determine to let loved ones laugh and make new memories…with YOU.

YOU:  Will try something new every month this year and find new hobbies to enjoy. Walk a new route through the neighborhood, complete a new puzzle, read a book about (or better yet, visit) some new place you’ve always wanted to experience. By the end of the year, you will have 12 new experiences or hobbies that make a better YOU.

YOU:  Will clean it out or make it worth keeping. A closet that is stuffed to the brim means just one thing to your family members:  What is in it is not worth enjoying. YOU deserve to enjoy those things or get rid of them! Commit to just three items in it a day. Decide if you will USE it or GIVE it to a loved one (or stranger) to enjoy. You will appreciate things you have long forgotten, and your loved ones will appreciate YOU!

YOU:  Will be authentically YOU. If there are words to be said, commit to saying them honestly and respectfully. If there are fences to mend, YOU deserve to present the best version of YOU and grab the hammer. This year, most importantly, enjoy being YOU.

Instead of considering your New Year’s RESOLUTION LIST something you dread, remember it’s all about being a better YOU! You’re not working for anyone else’s enjoyment, health, or fulfillment. 2024 is going to be the best year yet, as you commit to keep just one thing your top priority, YOU! 

Here at Parkview, we truly enjoy our residents! We provide meals, activities, and a community that helps each and every person attain their goals and enjoy life to the fullest!