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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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There is a day when each of us will be faced with the fact that we can’t clean it all, maintain it all, mow it, blow it, and navigate it all anymore. It’s time to down-size and find some living accommodations that are more suitable to this season of life. But once we’ve found that next place to call “home,” the idea of sorting a lifetime of furniture and memories can be paralyzing. 

Down-sizing doesn’t have to feel threatening and confining. It is actually quite the opposite. Once we live in a home that is the right size for our needs, we are freed up to live the life we want to live, not simply maintain it.

Where to START can be the challenge, and we suggest starting with a moving checklist. By spending some time preparing for our new home, we can alleviate much of the anxiety of the move, confident that all the details are covered. By using a Moving Checklist months ahead of time to pack boxes, we will grow less sentimental toward what we’re leaving and embrace the change as a new adventure.  

Next, we need to measure our furniture and the layout of our new home carefully. Deciding what to take to our next home can easily become quickly evident when we consider how much of our present home we never actually use. In fact, there may an entire floor that we haven’t explored in months! Our favorite comfy recliner and Grandma’s fool-proof skillet will go, of course, but we should be very choosy about other things. If there’s a stereo that gives us joy and precious memories, we need to take it with us, even if the bass was shot in 1972. Those gym shorts from high school the year we won the State Track Meet? They probably could be safely tossed without any fear of remorse.  

Decluttering is easier with others. Having a loved one join us at this point in the process can be tremendously helpful. He/she will remain objective and keep us focused on what we’re gaining ahead…not what we’re leaving behind. If there is a family member or friend who will patiently hear the stories attached to each of these belongings, remembering each as we’re packing boxes is good, healthy acceptance of the passage of time. There will be tears, but there will be so much joy in that journey. 

Auctions, garage sale, or non-profit donations are three great options for those items we conclude don’t need to come to our new home (and really our new life!). If we struggle knowing what to donate or to keep, it’s critical to think about the joy it currently brings. If the answer is “more work than reward,” it may suit someone else better than it suits us during this season.

Buy something new. This isn’t ALL about getting rid of stuff! If we’ve been longing for a new mattress or television or even a pretty pillow for the sofa, now’s the time! We all get excited about new things, and they’re great reminders that there is still lots of life to live at that new address.  

Happy moving! If you’re joining us at Parkview, we’re so eager to welcome you home!