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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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A recent poll of the residents at Parkview reveals that we like a little adventure in our living! We’re not just plain ole vanilla folks! Upon review, the order of favorite ice cream flavors is:

– Pistachio
– Rum Raisin
– Butter Brickle
– Maple Walnut
– Coffee
– Butter Pecan
– Neapolitan
– Fudge Royal
– Heavenly Hash 

A glance at our nation’s favorite ice cream is actually a fascinating walk-through history! Consider, for instance, when vanilla really was the favorite of most:   

It was the 1940s – It wasn’t the flavor that necessarily made it a favorite, but the form! Tom Carvel’s ice cream truck broke down in the heat of summer. The salesman had to sell melting ice cream very quickly, and soft-serve was born! Dairy Queen and Tastee Freez both adopted the concept quickly, and vanilla soft-serve stands started to pop up everywhere. (And for those of you intrigued with the thought, soft-serve ice cream is no longer simply melting ice cream.  Its consistency is developed through less butterfat and more air in the product.) 

The year was 1973 – A culinary student by the name of Marilyn Ricketts created a combination of mint ice cream and chocolate chips. It quickly became the most popular choice for not just the common man, but also Princess Ann and Captain Mark Philips, who requested the delicacy be served at their wedding celebration. 

Music trends in the 1980s set America’s favorite ice cream flavors! The Grateful Dead was alive and well, and there was a cult following of its leader, Jerry Garcia. Ben & Jerrys’ Ice Cream struck gold when it named its current invention of cherry ice cream, swirled with cherries and chocolate flakes Cherry Garcia

The year 2000 was a worldwide celebration, and what better way to celebrate than Birthday Cake! The ice cream flavor soon became the #1 favorite and set our taste buds on the ultra-sweet bandwagon for quite a few years. It became the favorite flavor for candies and snack cakes as well! 

2010 brought us the utter obsession with the combination of sweet and savory. Sated Caramel ice cream was the new craze, and finding a huge chunk of gooey sweetness amid the salty treat became the goal of many ice cream lovers.

The jury is still out on what will be seen as the favorite in the 2020s, but according to our residents, pistachio will be in the final running! Whatever the flavor favorite, our Parkview residents LOVE ice cream, and it’s the joy of the Parkview staff to deliver what they love!