West Knoxville: 865-357-2288 | North Knoxville: 865-339-4422
Maryville: 865-980-8810 | Tullahoma: 931-222-4800

West Knoxville: 865-357-2288
North Knoxville: 865-339-4422
Maryville: 865-980-8810
Tullahoma: 931-222-4800

Dear Mr McBride,

Hello, I am a resident of Knoxville North. I was chatting with Samantha a few days ago, she said you appreciate input from residents. I moved into my apartment in August 2021. As a retired CFO of a manufacturing firm, I am well aware that most input to senior management consist of gripes and complaints. Happy to say, this will not be that.

I want to compliment you for both the business facility and the staffing you provide. The apartment is well sized and very comfortable for daily use. Coupled with the patio for both private as well as an outdoor area is a nice add on. The general communal areas are well appointed and decorated, makes for a home environment rather than a clinical sterile look. Sorry to say (do to my limited mobility, and I’m not much of a social butterfly) I don’t use the various entertainment areas provided, but I hear they are great.

I especially appreciate your staffing methods. If you utilize a central HR department for hiring, or if staffing is done here, my compliments. Someone deserves my thanks for job well done, please relay this.

Personnel make an organization, and your people make this facility great. The cleaning staff are always extremely happy, positive and upbeat, in addition to their cleaning professionalism. As for food service, the chefs, kitchen staff provide outstanding quality and taste at every meal. The serving staff likewise provide quick, happy, upbeat service and always with a smile. The food preparation and the serving of it, is a team effort. One without the other could ruin a meal, but not here, your team gets an A+ rating. As I mentioned earlier I don’t utilize the activities provided so really can’t comment on this aspect. 

The management staffing likewise, outstanding! They always take the time to talk, answer any questions, help were they can, and always with a smile. I cannot imagine dealing daily with roughly 150 people (residents) from all different social backgrounds, different financial concerns, different ages, different demands and requests, but this management group does just that. At least I think they do, as I have not seen any fist fights yet.

In todays business environment, I’m sure you are quite busy. Again, my compliments to you and all of your team for compiling a great organization. 
Overall I would give a rating of 98 out of 100 as I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. Have a great day!