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West Knoxville: 865-357-2288
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Maryville: 865-980-8810
Tullahoma: 931-222-4800

Want to consider traveling with friends or loved ones this summer? Don’t let the physical limitations of life as a senior slow you down! Use the following travel tips, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime:

  • A good plan. If air travel (or train or bus for that matter!) is involved, planning a ride to the station is a great start. Remember life may not move as quickly as it once did. Allow yourself some extra time to navigate a crowd and even fit in a couple restroom stops. If using or transporting medical equipment, be sure to ask for travel assistance when making reservations. It will save time and frustration in the long run if you take some minutes to arrange your travel team ahead of time.
  • Necessary paperwork. Your personal ID (and perhaps passport) is just the start. Be sure to throw in a list of all your medications, medical alert card, and physician’s contact information “just in case.” Your medical insurance card is especially critical as well.
  • A TSA Notification Card. This card is free of charge and is a great asset to helping others understand any medical condition you may have. It will NOT be permission to bypass security, but it most certainly may speed up the process.
  • Proper accommodations. Book a place that will meet your specific needs AND desires. Are there stairs to consider? How about proper shower access? You know safety and comfort while sleeping is critical to fully enjoy daytime activities; it is completely appropriate to call a hotel ahead of time to ask about the comfort levels of mattresses. Many offer a variety of options, and you will never know until you ask!
  • A realistic itinerary. First, consider if this trip is for pleasure or adventure. Either way, #4 is essential to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from your time away. If it’s adventure you are seeking, consider your own physical limitations and set boundaries to protect what you know your body will need. Will you be able to park close to destinations? Can you achieve what you want from the trip? Be wise and creative: your days at the waterpark do NOT need to be behind you, but instead of experiencing Splash Mountain Mayhem yourself, it may be best with that particular ride to share the delight of your grandchildren from the comfort and protection of a covered cabana.

Especially when travelling with others, there will always be a temptation to overdo it. If you consider your specific needs and goals of your trip, this list will help to ensure that your travel will provide days of enjoyment and a lifetime of fabulous memories for everyone!