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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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Here’s a great excuse to honor your grandparents! September 13th is National Grandparents Day, a day to honor grandparents and give them the opportunity to show their love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of the guidance and wisdom older people have to offer. A healthy relationship between grandparents and grandchild has physical, spiritual and emotional benefits. Grandparents provide a sense of history and heritage for children and they can pass on important family traditions and life stories that a child will grow to appreciate. 

This year poses new challenges to celebrating grandparent’s day, but there are different ways to connect and enjoy the holiday. Here are five different ways to celebrate:

1. Connect Virtually 

The world of technology offers multiple ways to get in touch with just a push of a button. An old fashion phone call will always suffice, but there is also the choice of video chat via facetime, skype or zoom, etc. This allows a more intimate interaction and also allows the grandparents to see their grandchildren. Video chat gives grandchildren the opportunity to think outside of the box to celebrate their grandparents, for example perform a song or dance.

2. Write a Letter

Sometimes, the old fashioned way is the best way. Writing a letter could be a fun activity for both parties. A lot of kids aren’t familiar with how to address a letter and send it in the mail so this could be a potential learning experience. Plus, a handwritten letter is a great keepsake and will certainly bring a smile. 

3. Send Photos

Photographs are another great memento that people love to hold onto. Grandparents love to show off their grandchildren and they can always use an updated photo. Get the family together and get some quality shots, send it via the phone or take the next step and print and frame them as a gift. 

4. Drop Off a Surprise

If you live close to the grandparents but cannot visit, there are different ways to give them an in-person gift. The grandchildren can help bake a sweet treat or make an arts and craft project to drop off at the grandparents. Another option is a simple drive by and wave out the window, that would brighten anyone’s day.

5. Plan for the future

During this time, celebrating grandparent’s day can be difficult if you are unable to visit due to safety reasons. One way to stay optimistic is to plan for the future. Take the time during this holiday to plan an adventure, trip or visit when you’ll finally be able to. This will give both the grandparents and grandchildren something to look forward to.

Despite this year having unseen challenges and an unknown future, grandparent’s day should still be celebrated and full of family and love. Take this time to grow the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, the benefits are priceless.