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January is often a time for New Year’s resolutions and letting down after the holidays, but it can also be a time to simply celebrate life. January is designated as National Celebration of Life month. Let this be a reminder at the start of the new year that life itself is precious and to celebrate the fact that we are alive! Here are three ways to celebrate life this month and every day:

Celebrate Others | Celebrate your loved ones or people who have influenced your life by letting them know! Send letters or give them a call and let them know what a difference they have made in your life. You could pick 12 people each year and send each one a letter every month.

Take Time to Appreciate Life Each Day | Counting your blessings or practicing gratitude is proven to make a difference in our mental wellness. Commit to a daily practice of writing down what you are grateful for or what you have to celebrate from the big to the small. At the end of the year go back and review all that has been good that year!

Surround Yourself with Reminders of Why Life is Good | We are all going to experience hardship and sadness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate life all the same. Placing physical reminders in your home that celebrate life can be subtle daily reminders. These can be pictures of loved ones (make sure to update these too!), items found in nature, or items with pleasing textures that bring comfort.

We firmly believe that every day is a celebration here at Parkview! We love to celebrate our residents and look forward to all our activities. Click here for an overview of all the many activities you can enjoy at any of our four communities.