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Ahhhhhhh, Thanksgiving is upon us!  It is that one day when, in strict celebration of our founding forefathers, we buy the plumpest turkey we can find and roast to juicy perfection.    But if you’re up for a real adventure this year, consider preparing a meal that is a little more accurate repast to the historic records of the colonists:

Turkey – Be FREE if you really don’t prefer the taste to other meats. It turns out, although wild turkeys were in abundance, there is no record of turkey being served at this first meal! Instead, consider some venison or seafood (most likely lobster, bass, and mussels were in abundance).

If this is all too much of a traditional stray, try another fowl for more historic accuracy…ducks, geese, and even swans were common fare to the original colonists.

Mashed potatoes – Nope.  Although native fruits and veggies were plentiful, there were, in fact, no potatoes at that fabulous first feast.

Bread-based stuffing – Again, no. However, there were plenty of savory herbs, onions, and nuts to add to their meats for a savory addition. 

Vegetables – No doubt they were savored in abundance at the first Thanksgiving feast. In order to be true to tradition, try serving sweet corn ground more like cornmeal, then boiled and mashed into a thick porridge. Add a bit of molasses for a touch of celebratory sweetness! 

Pumpkin pie – Now, for those Thanksgiving enthusiasts who have been passing down pumpkin pie recipes for generations, I’m eager to be the one to say that the pilgrims did, in fact, indulge in pumpkin pie on the first Thanksgiving…kind of. Pumpkins and other gourds were often roasted in hot ashes for a special treat. However, ovens were not yet invented, so don’t worry about perfecting great-grandma’s crust. Instead, consider filling the pumpkin with milk, honey and spices and roast over a hot, open fire. The nectar will meld into the meat of the pumpkin to form a delicious custard perfect for anyone’s Thanksgiving table! 

No matter what type of traditions your holiday meal holds, we trust that the intent of Thanksgiving will be a genuine celebration for your household as it is for ours this year.  We are thankful for all the residents who make Parkview their home this holiday season! 

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