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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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Think back a minute to the first smart phone! The IBM Simon was released in 1994 and boasted that it included email, fax, and calendar functions; it even made a touch screen available that permitted the user to text (kind of)! Well smart phones can do FAR more than that now, but what is a huge convenience to an upwardly mobile young person can be a nightmare for a senior.  

Considering which phone is best for you or a senior you love depends completely on the intention of the user. Many seniors simply want to have a cell phone in case of an emergency. Some even prefer to keep a landline if their phone company permits! Other seniors have fully embraced the digital age and want the highest quality camera, speed and battery life possible. 

Experts with www.seniorliving.org spent extensive time comparing and researching the best phones for seniors and compiled a list of ten. For quick reference, we’re highlighting just three to give a broad sweep of the possibilities: 

Snapfon ez4G – This phone is ranked as the easiest to use. It is the perfect choice for the senior who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles and most definitely doesn’t want to learn how to use them! This phone has large keys for texting and an emergency button to contact an operator 24/7. All this convenience is affordable too, at $100 plus a $10/monthly plan. 

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme – Seniors who suffer from hearing loss (which is a third of ALL over people 65+) will love the hearing aid compatibility of this phone! Rather than turning up the volume for all in the restaurant to hear, just sync the phone through Bluetooth and receive increased and high-quality sound! This phone also offers texting, internet, and camera. 

iphoneSE – For the senior who wants it all AND some of the extras just for seniors, it’s the logical choice!  This phone has 256 GB of data, allowing amazing camera and video quality and capacity for literally anything one would want to have access to online. Best of all for seniors, the phone is hearing-aid compatible, has a wide grip, and contains an extra bright screen.  

The world of cell phones can be very intimidating. But if you find just the right fit, they can be great tools to stay in touch with loved ones, explore the world, and have a sense of safety wherever you go.