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Romance is still a big part of most peoples’ lives no matter what their age. Whether with their original spouse or remarried, many people want to share their lives with someone for companionship and romantic love in their golden years.

A National Poll on Aging from the University of Michigan found that 72% of those 65–80 years old reported having a current romantic partner.

An AARP survey of 800 older women in Southern California found that those under 55 and over 80 were most likely to say they were satisfied with the romance in their lives.

Tips for a Successful Relationship

These tips apply for any relationship really, young or old. Anchor your relationship in good communication, respect, fair fighting rules, forgiveness, honesty, and taking time to pour into each other and your relationship. Courting or dating each other shouldn’t stop at any age!

Dating as a Senior in a New or Old Relationship

1.     Go out for a meal. This idea may seem overused but spice things up by varying the menu: Indian, Thai, Greek, or Vegetarian. Try a different restaurant for a change and experiment by ordering something unfamiliar.

2.     Take a dance class. Whether it’s a slow, romantic waltz or an energetic jive, dancing can be a fun idea for seniors. Is one partner in a wheelchair? Dancing may not be impossible! Call the local senior’s association and ask about wheelchair dancing classes. If dancing isn’t your thing, try a different class! Register in a cooking, massage or yoga class together.

3.     Rent a vintage automobile and go for a drive. Maybe it’s the car you always wanted or the car you had your first date in! Check out rental companies and rent a classic car to go for a drive. Not driving? Look into a vintage chauffeur service or take a scenic ride on a train.

4.     Play a round of mini-golf. Seniors may find completing nine or 18 holes of regular golf unmanageable (even with using a golf cart). Pare that down to a round of mini-golf instead.

5.     Stroll through a farmer’s market. Who doesn’t like fresh food? Visiting vendors come to farmer’s markets with produce – often just-picked! Seniors can wander around; taste some samples; and purchase fruit, vegetables, and fresh baked goods to take back home.

6.     Go horseback riding. Check out local trail groups and share a ride together. If you share a love of horses but can’t physically ride, try a carriage ride or watching a classic movie like Black Beauty or Seabiscuit.

7.     Find an indoor activity. Too cold or nasty to go outside? Go skating at an indoor arena, issue a challenge for a game of Scrabble, meet for a hot chocolate, work on a puzzle, or cozy up on the couch and watch a movie on Netflix.

Concerns to Keep in Mind

Children. Adult children may still be grieving a mother or father’s loss and may not be ready to see a surviving parent move on to a new romantic relationship. In this situation, all parties should move slowly. Consider more casual group get-togethers (e.g., family dinners) and keep emotions in mind.

Safety. Unfortunately, seniors can be easy targets for thieves and scammers praying on loneliness. A senior may trust too much and too quickly. That senior could be taken advantage of financially. Keep your eyes open, your guard up, and trust family and friends who know you.

Outdated Mindset. Seniors may think that they are “too old” for flirtation and might consider it “silly stuff”. You’re never too old to meet someone new and pursue a romantic relationship. Seniors have a lot to offer towards a relationship. They will better know what they like about and want from a romantic partner. Seniors are often more stable as well.

Societal Disapproval. Society can also judge a senior romance. Senior romance may not be the norm, but there’s no reason to frown. People deserve to feel happy and loved at any age.

You are never too old to find love, or find romantic love again. We hope these tips and ideas will encourage you to find healthy and meaningful relationships no matter what your age.