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Fall is a great time for seniors to get out and enjoy the outdoors without concerns about extreme heat or icy dangerous weather. There are lots of group or individual activities to keep you busy before the winter. Here are 10 fun fall activities, both indoors and outdoors, to enjoy this fall.

1. Enjoy Fall Themed Coloring Pages

Get a cozy blanket, your favorite fall beverage and work on some fall coloring pages. Great activity for rainy days too!

2. Go for a Scenic Fall Drive or Walk

If mobility is an issue, take a scenic fall drive! There’s nothing quite like watching the leaves change on a beautiful day to lift your spirits. If mobility isn’t an issue plan a few picturesque fall walks to enjoy this changing season.

3. Decorate for Fall

Bring the season indoors by decorating your space for fall. Scented candles, garland, and seasonal favorites like pumpkins and apples can make even a small living space feel festive.

4. Work on a Fall Themed Jigsaw Puzzle

Grab a fall jigsaw puzzle to do alone or with friends! This is a great activity to enjoy the season and sharpen your mind.

5. Visit an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

Fresh apples and pumpkins oh my! Stock up on your favorite apple butter or pumpkin butter while enjoying a nice day out.

6. Prepare Your Favorite Fall Recipes or Desserts

We all have a recipe that makes us think of fall! Bake one of your all-time favorites or try a new one. Give treats to friends or facility staff as a nice surprise.

7. Indoor Gardening

While summer gardening is coming to a close it’s a great time to bring your plants indoors! Plan an herb garden or indoor succulent garden to work on your green thumb during winter.

8. Have a Fire in a Firepit

There’s nothing quite like a crackling fire to lift the spirits. Enjoy one outdoors while the weather is still nice with your own (or a friend’s) firepit. Bring a mug of apple cider and share some stories!

9. Make a Fall Wreath or Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Make a fun, festive wreath or get ahead and make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Already have some? These would make great gifts for others!

10. Fall Movie Watchlist

Create a watchlist of your favorite feel good fall and winter movies! Better yet, why wait? Start a movie night with friends to begin working your way through the list.

Fall is a great time of change, renewal and fun! We hope you enjoy these suggestions. At Parkview Senior Living our resident’s well-being is our top priority. For more on living and loving life at Parkview go to www.parkviewseniorlivingtn.com