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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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Healthy and delicious meals should be one of the key considerations when choosing a Senior Living Center, because “You are what you eat” is as important to remember in your senior years as your toddler years!

It happens to all of us; we find that our joints are getting stiff, our energy is getting low, and our digestive system is getting slow. It’s very natural to attribute these to simply “getting old”, but in fact they may be a direct result of inadequate nutrition!  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics finds that quite commonly seniors have inadequate protein and energy intake in their diets and are classified as undernourished. (For complete dietary recommendations, click here to download a free copy of The Complete Guide to Senior Wellness.)

Adjusting to dietary needs isn’t the only challenge a senior has to recognize as he or she strives to be healthy. Grocery shopping and cooking become increasing challenging through the senior years.  Shopping begins to get whittled down to two or three necessary aisles in the grocery store, and meal prep gets repetitive and mundane. In these cases, there’s a very remote chance that seniors are receiving all the nutrients that their bodies need. 

We all tend to make dietary changes once there are health concerns to discuss with a doctor. What we may not realize is that some of health concerns could have been avoided with some preventative dietary changes! 

An exceptional senior living facility takes this into account when preparing daily meals for its residents.  Professional chefs understand that nutritional adjustments should be made for every healthy person at age 60,70,80… and they make these adjustments for the residents. Nutritional modifications are made for the residents and served in a setting that offers healthy interaction with other seniors at mealtime.  The senior years should afford the very best living possible, and nutritional health is one of the essential factors to consider.  

Parkview Senior Living is first and foremost concerned with the health and well-being of its residents and prides itself in its outstanding chef-prepared meals. It is committed to meeting the dietary needs of its residents.