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West Knoxville: 865-357-2288
North Knoxville: 865-339-4422
Maryville: 865-980-8810
Tullahoma: 931-222-4800

Let’s be honest, retirement years can be a season of life that is a little intimidating because of all the newness. But Senior Living is an opportunity to start fresh and pursue untried interests.  THIS is a day for new friends! With a little patience, you will find this can be one of the most rewarding seasons of life. 

New and old activities – Work has taken up so much of your life that there are hobbies you never even considered trying! Check out all the activities and classes offered at your new residence and try every single one of them. Yoga? Why not! Wood-working? You may have a gift that you have never had opportunity to explore! And each one of those classes offered in your residence or out in the community is an opportunity for a new friend.

Hang out in the lobby –  Assume that if a resident is sitting at the puzzle table, having coffee in the cafe, or listening to music in the lobby he/she WANTS to be with other people. Introduce yourself and enjoy the activity together. The unfamiliar faces will be friends in no time if you force yourself to venture out.    

Invite others to your home – If you enjoyed entertaining before, why would you stop now? Put on the coffee or pour the brandy and knock on some doors. Inviting others into your space will encourage them to invite you into theirs.

Read and continue to grow intellectually – You finally have the time and opportunity to catch up on that long list of bestsellers. Also, be sure to start each day perusing the newspaper and educating yourself on current events. As you continue to explore your world, your conversations will grow, and relationships will blossom. 

Wear statement pieces that cause questions – Your favorite brooch, tie, or even coffee mug can be a great IN to endless conversation and reminiscing. Wear yours and ask about others about theirs as well. Everyone loves sharing their stories! 

Have patience – No, you didn’t like everyone on the playground in elementary school, and you’re not going to like everyone in your new residence. Be persistent; find those with common interests and invest deeply. There’s so much of YOU that people deserve to know!

Research from The National Institute on Aging has found that loneliness not only puts our mental health at risk; it impacts our physical health as well. Having healthy friendships is actually good for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and your overall immune system! Commit to your health by making good friends today!