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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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STRESS. It is defined as “a process in which environmental demands strain an organism’s adaptive capacity, resulting in both psychological demands as well as biological changes that could place us at risk for illness”. In other words, if we can get a handle on the stress in our lives, our bodies will be better equipped to fight the ailments that plague us!

Research indicates that chronic stress in early life or as an adult, has a significant part to play in coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis…endless ailments that may plague us for the rest of our lives! Stress is also often the trigger for smoking, drinking alcohol, binge eating, and lack of exercise! So, if we can dig up the roots of our stress, we have a much better chance of eliminating some big weeds altogether.

But HOW? 

Talk to someone.  As she nears 80 years of age, Lois is starting to have memories of her childhood that are disturbing, and she finds herself crying for no reason in the middle of the day. Seeking out a counselor seemed futile and humiliating, but it altered her life considerably within a matter of a couple short months. She has joy! She finds it easier to engage with her children and grandchildren and enjoy the activities with friends that had become feeling somewhat like an obligation. Best of all, Lois sleeps better…and she has noticed a dramatic decrease in episodes of heart arrythmia that she had started struggling with in recent years. Talking to a counselor…or even a family member…can lessen a burden that’s taken more of a toll than you even realize.  

Incorporate meditation and a relaxation program (i.e., yoga) into your daily life. The suggestion of “yoga” brings religious connotations that can be disconcerting to some. If you are one who likes the practice of yoga, consider adding it to your daily regime. At the very least, find an online program for stretching and relaxation Click here to check one out! 

The studies are undeniable…daily relaxation and meditation calms your breathing and changes literally everything in your physiology that is otherwise triggered by stress. In 2017, a study showed marked improvement in conditions like cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes. Read more… 

“Just relax!” is often the hardest thing we try to accomplish in this lifetime. If you can incorporate some good old-fashioned talking it out and quiet meditation, you may quickly feel the effects of a new lifestyle that does your body good. 

We at Parkview care about our seniors’ hearts, minds, and souls! Our loving staff is always available to provide resources that will help lessen the stress load and provide joy to our residents.