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According to the AARP, 88 percent of seniors say that they prefer the familiarity and comfort of aging in their own home. Of course they do! Don’t we all like the comfortable and familiar? No matter whether an assisted living facility or an independent senior living facility is the wisest and most loving decision for your family, there are some very practical ways help lessen the stress of this transition so that your loved one can eagerly anticipate this next step:

  • Let your senior play a part in the process. If he is capable of visiting with you, include him! We all look for certain particulars when considering a home, and this is one where comfort and “feel” are especially essential. From activities offered to amount of light in a bedroom, these are personal considerations that help transition.
  • Talk openly and honestly. What are the concerns she has? Does she fear her loss of independence and ? Will she have all new doctors? Will she be forgotten by her friends and loved ones?
  • The last question is one of the greatest fears of seniors. In order to alleviate it, before the transition is even started, grab a calendar and write down some frequent and regular visitation dates. Your presence in this new home will make all the difference through this time of adjustment!
  • DON’T be tempted to buy all new furniture! It’s always fun to buy a new item or two, but it’s the old and cozy that makes a house “home.” Be sure to include the favorites in your loved one’s new place and incorporate plenty of family pictures as you start to decorate.
  • Take your time. Because you love this individual, you will be tempted to make the transition “quick and painless.” The opposite it most often true. If you have time, take it. Helping your senior gradually graft into the social life and activities of a facility, even before moving date, will allow her to take some ownership in the place and the process.

It would be naïve to think this transition could be completely stress-free. But by taking your time to do it wisely and respectfully, the move to assisted or independent living can be something your senior appreciates for many years to come!