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Being outside and enjoying the fresh air is a great way to stay active and rejuvenated, but before you step out into the sunlight learn more about the potential danger it may pose. During the hottest months of the year it is important to take preventative steps in UV safety.

July is the month of UV Safety Awareness and with temperatures this summer expected to be above average, learning and taking preventative steps is crucial.

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation are invisible rays that mainly come from the sun and there are two types of UV rays. UVA rays have the least energy, causing aging and indirect damage to DNA; they are mainly linked to long-term skin damage like wrinkles. UVB rays have more energy and can damage DNA in cells directly, causing most skin cancers and are the main cause of sunburns.

These rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes of being outside.

While enjoying the outside, it’s important to be aware of your exposure to these rays. Here are several ways to prevent damage:

Wear Sunscreen

Apply broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect from both type of UV rays and reapply every 2 hours even when it is cloudy.

Protective Clothing

Cover your skin with long sleeves, pants, a hat and sunglasses if possible.

Stay in the Shade

Take frequent breaks from the sun and take cover in the shade.

UV radiation can cause more than skin damage, it can lead to other health problems such as a weakened immune system and eye problems. UV rays can cause the formation of cataracts and pterygium both causing visual impairment. Exposure to UV rays can also affect your immune system making it harder to fight off infection.

With the potential damage UV rays can cause it’s important to stay vigilant. If you like being outside or taking walks consider walking earlier in the day or in the evening; UV rays are the strongest between 10am and 4pm. Before stepping outside to enjoy the beautiful grounds and walking trails of Parkview Senior Living, take some extra time to put on some sunscreen or throw on a hat.

For additional information on playing it safe in the sun, visit the American Cancer Society.