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Maryville: 865-980-8810
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Now that the days are getting a little cooler, you’re probably finding that you are more motivated to try some new activities! The rewards of being a physically active senior are endless, and it may be just the perfect avenue to make some new friends as well.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, physical activity not only improves bodily health, but mental and social health as well. Seniors who are committed to an active lifestyle are proven to have decreased risk of hospitalizations and overall, more contentment emotionally and socially. If you want to get moving but don’t know where to start, consider one or ALL of these:

Yoga, Pilates, jazzercise, barre…the exercise class opportunities are endless if you are looking for a fun way to participate with others while getting healthy! Explore these classes at your own pace, since each will offer low-impact options that can keep you fit without bringing unnecessary harm to your joints. If you have specific ailments (weak hips and backs tend to be the most common at this age), don’t be afraid to speak privately with your instructor. He or she should be eager to help you invest in a healthier you.

Swimming is great for cardiovascular fitness as well as being much kinder on a seniors’ joints than high-impact sports. It’s proven to be outstanding for mental health as well! If you’re having challenges with bone loss and strength, however, your buoyancy in the water will count against you. You need an activity that will add some appropriate resistance to your musculoskeletal system to increase bone strength. Consider…golf, pickleball, cycling or even dancing! 

Jogging is an excellent activity if it’s been a lifelong one, but there’s no need to put that added pressure on joints in your senior years. Walking through your community is sufficient to raise your heart rate and wake up your brain cells a bit. Rather than taking an afternoon nap, consider scheduling a group walk just before you head to the dining hall. You’ll find a renewed energy for dinnertime, and the social interaction will enliven your spirit as well. 

Shuffleboard, cornhole, and billiards aren’t considered rigorous aerobic exercise, but each of these helps with coordination and balance, and involve the much-needed social interaction that keeps seniors motivated to stay healthy. Playing these games regularly is also an excellent way to prevent fall risks, which are an increasing concern as individuals age. 

Parkview Senior Living Community knows that physical activity is key to helping our seniors be healthy and enjoy long lives. For this reason, its facilities offer state-of- the-art fitness centers and beautifully manicured grounds with walking trails, as well as active games like cornhole and billiards.  We do all we can to make fitness fun for everyone in our communtities!