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Whether your Thanksgiving looks like a Hallmark family feast or a small gathering of friends around an overcooked chicken, one thing is critical on this festive day:  the centerpiece! Creative centerpieces make for some really fun crafting days as well! Consider these:

Create a Tree of Thanks

Mother Nature affords the most gorgeous decorations of this season. While enjoying a crisp fall walk, gather some of the most colorful leaves you see (grab a few branches while you’re at it!) then step back into your childhood. Do you remember the days of gathering pretty leaves and pressing them between the pages of a heavy book to flatten them and preserve that color? After you do this, grab two pieces of wax paper and press the leaves with a lightly warmed iron. Cut around the leaf shape, punch a hole, and attach a piece of twine.

Now arrange the collected branches in a pretty vase or mason jar (even a paper bag filled with sand will do!) and scatter the leaves on the table with several Sharpie pens. As guests gather, have each write on a leaf something they are thankful for, then tie it on a branch. Within minutes, you have a beautiful centerpiece and the makings of a day of fabulous conversation!

Create an Embroidered Table Runner

Photo Courtesy needlenthread.com

Sew…what are you thankful for? How about a new Thanksgiving table tradition that gives you an opportunity to use your embroidery skills? Grab a plain cotton table runner and lots of beautiful fall-colored thread, and you’ve got the makings of a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.

Simply embroider the names of people and things you are thankful for randomly on to the runner. (If you’re exceptionally thankful and would like to include some friends in this craft, try a full tablecloth instead). This is one you will want to hang on to and pass on as a keepsake; friends and family can add to it and share in your thanks for years to come!

Simply add a small vase of dried flowers and scatter a few pinecones and tea lights to make a stunning focal point for your Thanksgiving feast.

We love to exhibit the crafts of our residents at Parkview Senior Living! Consider making one of these for each table at our Thanksgiving feast?!